Cotton Services

#1 White Gold Trade | Import | Export | in Egypt

Elekhlas Cotton | Import

  • Avoid cotton harvesting in plastic bags, to avoid contamination with propylene
  • Follow the improved system of harvesting, which implies many stages
  • Spread cotton in open air and sunshine before packing to ensure the volatile of dew
  • Use cotton thread in sewing sacks and avoid using plastic materials or propylene

Elekhlas Cotton | Export

  • Put cotton bags in open air over wooden salvers to avoid direct stacking on the floor
  • Avoid the presence of foreign materials in the grinning stage by special handling while opening cotton bags
  • Use new steel tapes in belting bales
  • Cover cotton with oilcloth during transport from the gins until reaching the presses in Alexandria to be pressed in bales
Elekhlas Cotton #1 White Gold Trade | Import | Export | Ginning | in Egypt