#1 White Gold Trade | Import | Export | in Egypt

ELEKHLAS The leading company in exporting and importing cotton The company was established in May 2004 since, Our work in the field of cotton trade and our products locally and globally. The company had became a member of the Internal General Committee to regulate the cotton trade and also joined as a member of Alexandria Cotton Exporters’ Association (ALCOTEXA), The hard work continued until ELEKHLAS had became at the top of the list of Egyptian cotton exporters all over the world.

Elekhlas Cotton #1 White Gold Trade

We believe that our suppliers and customers are our partners and do our best to meet their requirements, even under the most turbulent market conditions, and therefore we are proud to be trusted by all of them.

We understand that our products are an important link in a long series of preparations that end as a high-level product, and therefore we do our best to make sure that our link is the strongest in this series.

We remain passionate about serving our clients, committed to excellence to achieve sustainable growth

Elekhlas Cotton #1 White Gold Trade | Import | Export | Ginning | in Egypt